INNATE | Getting to Know Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans has experienced the peaks and valleys of life. He has tasted both success and failure. “INNATE” is his story. Nate qualified for the World Tour in 2010 and got a chance to experience life competing on the WCT. After a mid year cut, he was forced back onto the Qualifying Series and eventually lost his main sponsor. After almost calling it quits, Nate worked hard to get back on top, not without frustrations and failures along the way. With a win at the 2014 O’Neill Coldwater Classic, Nate has been given a chance to live out his dream, again. This surf documentary will follow Nate on his quest in 2015 where we will get glimpse into where Nate has come from and where he is going.

INNATE | Getting to Know Nate Yeomans


INNATE | Getting to Know Nate Yeomans


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Behind the Scenes: Anna Sui for O’Neill Summer ’15

We arrived just as the sun was slowly beginning to cast its warm glow onto the towering Vasquez rocks. A long drive had lead us to the middle of nowhere, to make magic with a team of talented individuals showcasing O’Neill’s first collaboration with the mega-designer Anna Sui. We quickly unpacked the stunning collection, hanging each beautifully crafted garment while chatting about the plan for the day.  Eileen, the shoot’s stylist and owner of the jewelry brand Child of Wild, laid out her assortment of jewels on a table, preparing to accessorize each look with pieces from around the world.

The model, Pollyana, slipped into her first look and the photo shoot commenced. We all worked beneath the beating sun, and watched in awe as months of preparation came to life in the gentle movements from Pollyana and rhythmic clicks of the camera.

Check out the images below for a behind the scenes look at O’Neill’s summer collaboration with Anna Sui and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to shop the collection!

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Jordy Smith | Unreasonable

Is being too competitive unreasonable?

Jordy Smith is no stranger to the stress and pressure of competitions. Traveling the globe relentlessly and competing with the best surfers in the world is how he makes his living. What are Jordy’s thoughts on the future of competitive surfing? What will it take to be a contender in the years to come?

Currently sitting in the top 5 of the World Surf League, Jordy continues to push the boundaries of the sport with his athletic approach to surfing. From creative aerials to slashing, powerful turns, Jordy remains one of the best competition and free surfers in the world.

As part of O’Neill’s recently dropped UNREASONABLE campaign, we catch-up with Jordy on the runway of Honolulu, Hawaii (shot during December’s Billabong Pipe Masters) to get his vision on what’s next within this dynamic and constantly evolving sport.

Jordy is indeed #UNREASONABLE

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Peaking: Mark Mathews

A new Red Bull Surfing series, “Peaking”, documents Mark Mathews both as a competitor and organizer of his event the Red Bull Cape Fear challenge in a two part series

In Episode 1, Mark deals with the stresses of organizing an event two years in the making while also mentally preparing to surf in the event. The end of the edit leaves us with a cliffhanger.  Mark suffers an injury that may or may not keep him out of the event.  We’re hoping it’s the latter and he’s able to compete against the world’s best big wave surfers.

Episode 2 starts off with Mark trying to get out of his car to get physical therapy work on his back, which he suffered a day earlier slamming onto dry rock. The Therapist couldn’t advice Mark to surf without getting a proper x-ray to make sure Mark doesn’t do any lasting damage if he were to fall surfing.  Mark ends up getting the go ahead and surfs against his idol Shane Dorian. Mark wins the head to head battle and there’s immediate talk of a rematch next year in pumping 10 foot waves.


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Timmy Reyes | Unreasonable

Timmy Reyes started surfing at the age of nine in Huntington Beach, California. After a stint on the ASP World Tour, Timmy chose the road less traveled and now spends his time surfing remote, isolated, cold-water destinations. For Timmy it’s not about crowds or contests, but rather the exploration and travel into the unknown where he truly feels alive.

Timmy Reyes | Unreasonable

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Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne

style muse diaries melbourne title

Everyone knows there’s no place like home. Both O’Neill and I have native roots in California – and SoCal is perfect (obviously).  So when an opportunity to move to Melbourne for a year came out of nowhere, I freaked. Bailing on your entire life (goodbye CA, peace out dream job with O’Neill, hasta luego, familia) is NOT an easy decision to make. But I’m an adventurer at heart, and sometimes you gotta take the leap of faith, right? I mean, what would YOU do??

So here I am, a few months later, 8k miles away from everything I’ve ever known, with the few parts of my life that I got to bring with (clothes, most importantly) in one suitcase. And since my feet hit the ground down under, I haven’t regretted it for one second. I’m so amped to spend this next year ROAMING FREE.

Getting to know the city, Melbourne reminds me of the Aussie version of San Francisco – urban city life with a beachy twist, and the fashion capital of the continent. It’s Summer here, and it is HOT. So far, I’ve explored the Yarra river walk downtown, then headed over to St. Kilda beach to catch some rays.

Come along and ROAM FREE with me as I share my adventures Down Under – and all over the South Pacific – over the next few months. Can’t wait to share this journey with all you babes!

XO, Torrie

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne 1

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne 1

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne 2

Downtown look >> Angie KimonoAround Town Denim Shorts, + some white Birkenstocks

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne 5

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne 6

Beach look >> Paris Maxi Dress

More beach essentials >> Marina Ruffle BandeauMarina 3 Piece Hipster BottomsAround Town Denim Shorts & a go-to straw hat

Style Muse Diaries: Melbourne scenic

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March Muse: Kiana Fores

Our girl Kiana Fores is the ultimate muse. She does it all. Being a pro surfer means traveling, photo shoots, interviews and long hours spent in the water. On top of meeting these demands, Kiana is also currently a full time student at Vanguard University. She also has a killer Instagram account that makes us all wish we were island girls. Thanks to photographer, Tim Kothlow, we get to see Kiana enjoying some downtime in these beautiful shots. AND Happy Birthday girl! You’re beautiful inside and out <3

Keep up the amazing work Kiana! You inspire us all!

O’Neill Women’s

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Wahines of the Waves

To all our Florida natives, please join in on the fun March 28th for the 1st Annual Wahines of the Waves surf contest benefiting Breast Cancer Research. More information on the site (just click the photo).


O’Neill Women’s

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