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O’Neill Unreasonable

The global campaign highlights O’Neill’s long-lasting commitment to delivering above and beyond what would be considered reasonable by anyone’s standards. O’Neill was founded by bringing the very best product into the market. From inventing the first wetsuit to the creation of the of the first surf shop and 4-way stretch boardshort, O’Neill’s storied history of delivering product to consumers and world-class athletes has exceeded all expectations.

The brand campaign not only highlights the UNREASONABLE nature of O’Neill’s athletes and products, but also celebrates the youth of today.  Today’s youth aren’t defined as just surfers, snowboarders or skiers.  Today’s youth is interested in experiencing all that the world has to offer.  They want it all and they want it now, which is completely UNREASONABLE in the very best sense of the word.

The campaign kicks off today with the launch of the brand’s manifesto. To set the musical landscape of the video manifesto for UNREASONABLE, O’Neill partnered with alt-rock phenom AWOLNATION to feature the cinematic, title track “Run” from the upcoming new album due March 17 via Red Bull Records.

“Surfing and music go hand in hand. They are instinctual, rhythmic, happy, sad, heavy, soft, disappointing, rewarding, humbling, devastating, and glorious on any given day,” said Aaron Bruno lead singer of AWOLNATION. “Only a surfer can understand the true spiritual soul cleansing of a barrel. Whenever we are out on the road, playing shows in front of thousands of people, I can’t help but sometimes wonder what tubes I may be missing back home.”

The video manifesto will be followed by videos featuring O’Neill’s top athletes within the worlds of surf and snow.  The campaign will culminate with the “UNREASONABLE” film festival, a chance for top filmmakers such as Sundance Film Festival Award Winner, Stefan Nadelman to re-imagine the modern action sports film through the lens of UNREASONABLE.

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Timmy Missions | Canada

The latest Timmy Missions to grace the new year was a road trip with fellow O’Neill team rider Ian Crane.  The two drove up the coast from California to Canada. They endured frigid waters, hangovers, decent waves and a good mission.

 Timmy Missions | Canada





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Timmy Missions: Baja, Mexico

Timmy Missions: Baja, Mexico

3am was the wake up call for this Timmy Mission. We knew the swell was rising and the wind was going to blow 20 offshore. The morning started as most do, double shot of espresso and pastry from Starbucks (luckily we found one that was open at that time of morning). We made it to our destination by sunrise, high on coffee, and hoping our predictions were right. First glances, Timmy wasn’t too impressed but decided to hop in the water and hope for the best. Hours went by with the wind swirling……onshore, offshore, onshore, offshore.  Suddenly,  a really hot 20kt offshore wind blew that stuck for the entire day. From that moment on,  the few humans lucky enough to be in the water probably had one the best sessions of their lives. For Timmy it was another day in the life of nomad.
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The Ke Nui Tour

The Ke Nui Tour is an edit documenting the teams stay on the North Shore of Oahu from the months of November and December. It showcases the highs & lows, the beatings, the bruises, the reef massages, and most of all the triumph.

The video hosts a star-studded crew of Global, US and Australian team riders: Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Eli Olson, Nils Schweizer, Jake Kelley, Colt Ward and Robbie McCormick.

The Ke Nui Tour

Tube_tubeRide.jpg MV6A6520 Tree_stump_Crew.jpg TorreyMeister_Spinner.jpg TimmyReyes_tube.jpg Soli_BSwerk2.jpg PorchChilling.jpg peak.jpg Nate_CarveDown.jpg MV6A9993.jpg MV6A9897.jpg JordySmith_hack2.jpg IanTweek.jpg Ian_cave.jpg BrettStand.jpgJakeKelleyTweak.jpg


Click here for more photos from Hawaii.


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Hawaiian Spam | Week Five

We are sad to announce this is the final video of the Hawaiian Spam Series. This is your Final weekly dose of uncut spam from the O’Neill House. Hawaiian Spam | Week Five.  Its been an amazing season on the North Shore with the entire O’Neill team. There has been some battle scars, love hate relationships with waves, team bonding, and of course finding girls & partying. Be sure to check out all the happenings on the trip by using the hashtag #TheKeNuiTour.

  • Cory Lopez and the North Shore love the kick outs.
  • Jake Kelley rips at skating.
  • The entire team enjoyed a going away BBQ.
  • Soli Bailey became a man on the trip and charged Jaws for the first time with Mark Mathews.
  • Colt Ward fears that Jake Kelley is going to burn down the house while lighting an aerosol can on fire.
  • Mark Mathews gets cleaned up at Jaws.
  • Brett Barley has the worst slams out of anyone on the team this season.
  • Ian Crane is leaving because all the girls want Soli now and Brett has snapped on him a couple of times.
  • Who knew Colt Ward had dance moves?
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Hawaiian Spam | Week Four

Your weekly dose of uncut spam from the O’Neill House. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Four.

– Nils shaves his Movember Stache.

– Cory Lopez tells us that sometimes Brett Barley gets credit for Cory’s waves and Cory gets credited for Brett’s waves. Benefits them both.

– Soli Bailey joins in on the team shenanigans.

– Timmy is getting off the island and heading home to find slabs.

– Jordy is getting plenty of practice for the upcoming Pipe Masters.

– Jake Kelley gets pitched at Pipe and comes up with battle scars.

– Keiki Shorey team swim, body whomping.

– Bash Mendes gets a little surprise on his face after waking up from a nap.

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Hawaiian Spam | Week Three

A week in review from the O’Neill team house. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Three.

– The montage starts out with Nils going over the falls and breaking his 5th board in 3 weeks.

– Timmy can’t live without 3 things… Coffee, beer and sex,  which we are sure most men cannot live without. Although, not all, but a majority.

– Ian stumbles upon a guy taking a picture of his girlfriends arse. Ian confirms that the random guy nailed the photo.

– A majority of the team had Thanksgiving with Jordy and his wife

– At the end of the clip, little Kei is taking body shots off of a random girl with the team egging him on in the background.

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Hawaiian Spam | Week Two

Your weekly behind the scenes spam of what it’s like to live at the O’Neill house. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Two. Nate Yeomans gets welcomed to the team and Timmy Reyes joins in the fun at the house!

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O’Neill Grom Prix

O’Neill Grom Prix

The O’Neill Grom Prix took over Aviones Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico last weekend as part of the Tres Palmas surfing series.  Amateur surfers under 18 from were met with a super rippable 3-4 foot swell and light trade wins.  The talent level continues to explode on the island with the Grom Prix as a focal point event.

1.Mila Santiago
2.Antonio Lazo
3.David Martinez
4.Gustavo Baez

1.Diego Gutierrez
2.Giancarlo Mendez
3.Max Torres
4.Enrique Naranjo

1.Juan Gonzalez
2.Dwight Pastrana
3.Rio Donalson
4.Jorge Martinez

1.Havanna Cabrero
2.Andrea Martinez
3.Yarian Camacho
4.Gabriela Galiano

Junior Girls
1.Havanna Cabrero
2.Jolaris Carreras
3.Gabriela Rubi
4.Andrea Martinez

Junior under 18
1.Mauro Diaz
2.Seba Soto
3.Christian Castillo
4.Juan Gonzalez

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