The Ke Nui Tour

The Ke Nui Tour is an edit documenting the teams stay on the North Shore of Oahu from the months of November and December. It showcases the highs & lows, the beatings, the bruises, the reef massages, and most of all the triumph.

The video hosts a star-studded crew of Global, US and Australian team riders: Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Eli Olson, Nils Schweizer, Jake Kelley, Colt Ward and Robbie McCormick.

The Ke Nui Tour

Tube_tubeRide.jpg MV6A6520 Tree_stump_Crew.jpg TorreyMeister_Spinner.jpg TimmyReyes_tube.jpg Soli_BSwerk2.jpg PorchChilling.jpg peak.jpg Nate_CarveDown.jpg MV6A9993.jpg MV6A9897.jpg JordySmith_hack2.jpg IanTweek.jpg Ian_cave.jpg BrettStand.jpg JakeKelleyTweak.jpg


Click here for more photos from Hawaii.


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Hawaiian Spam | Week Five

We are sad to announce this is the final video of the Hawaiian Spam Series. This is your Final weekly dose of uncut spam from the O’Neill House. Hawaiian Spam | Week Five.  Its been an amazing season on the North Shore with the entire O’Neill team. There has been some battle scars, love hate relationships with waves, team bonding, and of course finding girls & partying. Be sure to check out all the happenings on the trip by using the hashtag #TheKeNuiTour.

  • Cory Lopez and the North Shore love the kick outs.
  • Jake Kelley rips at skating.
  • The entire team enjoyed a going away BBQ.
  • Soli Bailey became a man on the trip and charged Jaws for the first time with Mark Mathews.
  • Colt Ward fears that Jake Kelley is going to burn down the house while lighting an aerosol can on fire.
  • Mark Mathews gets cleaned up at Jaws.
  • Brett Barley has the worst slams out of anyone on the team this season.
  • Ian Crane is leaving because all the girls want Soli now and Brett has snapped on him a couple of times.
  • Who knew Colt Ward had dance moves?
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Hawaiian Spam | Week Four

Your weekly dose of uncut spam from the O’Neill House. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Four.

– Nils shaves his Movember Stache.

– Cory Lopez tells us that sometimes Brett Barley gets credit for Cory’s waves and Cory gets credited for Brett’s waves. Benefits them both.

– Soli Bailey joins in on the team shenanigans.

– Timmy is getting off the island and heading home to find slabs.

– Jordy is getting plenty of practice for the upcoming Pipe Masters.

– Jake Kelley gets pitched at Pipe and comes up with battle scars.

– Keiki Shorey team swim, body whomping.

– Bash Mendes gets a little surprise on his face after waking up from a nap.

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Hawaiian Spam | Week Three

A week in review from the O’Neill team house. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Three.

– The montage starts out with Nils going over the falls and breaking his 5th board in 3 weeks.

– Timmy can’t live without 3 things… Coffee, beer and sex,  which we are sure most men cannot live without. Although, not all, but a majority.

– Ian stumbles upon a guy taking a picture of his girlfriends arse. Ian confirms that the random guy nailed the photo.

– A majority of the team had Thanksgiving with Jordy and his wife

– At the end of the clip, little Kei is taking body shots off of a random girl with the team egging him on in the background.

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Jordy Smith: The Getaway

No matter what your job is, getting away from it all helps you recharge. If you’re a surfer getting away to a remote, quiet haven filled with impossibly long sand bottomed tubes is as good as it gets.
Come with Jordy as he scores the ultimate getaway.

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Jordy Smith | Welcome to California

Jordy Smith | Welcome to California

Jordy recently relocated from South Africa to California. And, what better way to welcome Jordy Smith to California then with a win at the Hurley Pro at Lowers and releasing this edit of him surfing in Southern California. We have to say, Jordy looks right at home! Jordy looks to continue his momentum into Portugal after laying the tracks at Lowers and placing a Semifinal finish at the Quik Pro France.  You’re definitely going to want to watch this clip all the way through and more than once.

Jordy Smith | Welcome to California

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Your Backstage Access to Jordy Smith at the Quik Pro France

Your Backstage Access to Jordy Smith at the Quik Pro France. Jordy Smith is back to his winning form after laying the tracks at the Hurley Pro at Lowers and placing a Semifinal finish at the Quik Pro France.  Jordy looks to carry the momentum into Portugal.

It’s not all champagne showers for Jordy – “I’m gonna charter my own f***ing private jet!” Jordy Smith gets shafted trying to check in at the airport.

Jordy Smith and a spicy French combo.

Jordy Smith is into the Quarters at the Quik Pro France.





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Jordy Smith Wins the Hurley Pro at Trestles


Photo: ASP/ Kirstin

O’Neill Team rider Jordy Smith has won stop number eight of the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour. Smith (ZAF) defeated John John Florence (HAW) in the final by a score of 16.50 to 15.87 in overhead surf at Lower Trestles.

Photo: ASP/ Kirstin

The Hurley Pro victory marks the fourth career ASP WCT event win for Smith. “I am overwhelmed,” Smith said. “I just moved to town, I can’t believe it.”  Recently relocated to San Clemente, just up the road from Trestles, Smith was still feeling the support from South Africa, “I want to thank my boys from home, they have been giving me every bit of support all week.”

Photo: ASP/ Kirstin

Previous to the win today, high expectations for Smith’s 2014 season had not developed in to results.  Smith’s win moves him from 14th to 11th on the ASP ratings, but more importantly gets him back to a mindset we are accustomed to seeing from one of the world’s best surfers.  “This year hasn’t gone as planned.   Winning another CT event gives me the confidence once again that I have what it takes to content for the world title.”

Watch the final here.

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Traded for Jordy Giveaway

Stab Magazine and O’Neill present the Traded for Jordy Giveaway on Instagram! We want to wrap your skin with every winter wetsuit you will ever need, the catch: you’ve got to trade for it. It’s a celebration in boldness, and to enter the draw you’ve got to trade in someone you’re following. That’s right, unfollow someone, screenshot their page and upload the shot with #tradedforjordy. Feel free to include the reason they’ve been traded too, be as bold as you like! Oh, and don’t forget to follow @oneill and @stabsurf on Instagram, we’ll be checking. All prize details now live on, winner drawn Friday, September 12 as chosen by Jordy Smith.

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